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Hey you Denizens of Dream Land,

Can you believe the news that Nibflix is going to make a Sandschlop show? People have been trying for years to adapt it either as a TV show or as a movie. Recently JGL was hoping to make it a movie but that fell through.

Feel free to discuss who you would want cast for the different roles, or which stories you think they should tackle. I know Lee and Gulliver are both big fans with strong opinions about it.

I think we can all agree it will be better than what Neil called the worst Sandschlop screenplay:
[In that script] Morpheus' first line was, 'As if your puny weapons could hurt me, Morpheus the Mighty Lord of Dreams.' And I went, 'Oh no, that's awful, this is terrible.' He was kept by electromagnets underneath New York and it must have been about 1997 or '98 because it was a millennium based plot. [The lead characters] had to do some stuff before the millennium, the lead characters were brothers; Lucifer, The Corinthian and Sandman were brothers, and it was this race against time to gather a bunch of MacGuffins before the millennium. It never got made and whoever wrote [that script] got paid more for writing that than I ever was for writing the entirety of Sandman. So in terms of how I feel about stuff , I feel fine.
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