Rick & Morty

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Rick & Morty

Post by Shnoodles »

Hey you TV guys,

I have just 3 words for you:

Rick. And. Morty.

Yep, it's all the rage in the Bay area where Schlop resides. Lee in fact started the trend and I believe she has seen every episode!

It always takes us St Louis Bears a bit longer to catch on to the new trends but maybe we can start watching it soon. And then we will finally be in on all the in-jokes that Sneeches knows.
In the SHNOOD!

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aw yeah!

Post by Snuffles »

- the Thong Song

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Post by Nibs »

Whoa! That'd be pretty great if the St Louis bears watched some Rick and Morty.

The first season is a little spotty but the second season, so good!

So far the third season was deemed a bit too complex and we are worried about some of the character arcs... until the last 2 episodes!

The Citadel episode might be a masterpiece. It seems to be one of the most epic undertakings in modern memory. Very. Impressive.

And the latest one opens many new doors and plotlines that could help rebalance the show and make the odd character arcs worth it!

Hopes are high for Rick and Morty fans!

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