Schlop / Sneeches 08

Not all topics revolve around Schlop (but most do). Post your questions and comments that don't involve Schlop here.
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Schlop / Sneeches 08

Post by Nibs »

Oh man... so the election is going to be very exciting since I hear there is a SCHLOP TART on the line. I know I've been working hard to do my research.

Anyway, I thought maybe the election could also jumpstart the forums since they've been a little... sleepy... lately. So from now on, if you have election news, post it here!

I'll start with this really crazy article!!

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Oh... oh... oh dear...

Post by peaches »

Sneeches is running with Schlop for the election? Do you think Sneeches would have run with me if I had asked? Oh, I wish I had asked Sneeches...
Hurty flurty schnipp schnipp!

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Schlop Tart whereabouts

Post by DJ »

I came across this thread and became very intrigued. Here was a discussion about a Schlop Tart from 2008 - yet no records seem to exist with a Schlop Tart being eating around this time.

I assigned Mini-Nibs to do some sleuthing and he uncovered the email exchange where the Tart was bet. Apparently Lee picked Hillary and then Gulliver picked Mitt Romney to win the 2008 election. Well guess who did win? It turns out it was neither of them - instead it was someone named Obama. He has been president for almost 8 years now.

Anysneech, I checked with Schlop Tart betting bylaws and uncovered that if neither of the two betting parties are right, the Schlop Tart falls to a third impartial party which is Duddles. Therefor Duddles is owed one Schlop Tart from 2008.

I will be willing to take delivery of this Tart and deliver it to Duddles. I would like Strawberry please. I mean, Duddles would like Strawberry...

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Schlop / Sneeches '16

Post by Gulliver »

The election will be next year - but Lee and I have already picked sides!

I am predicting Hillary will be president while Lee is betting on Marco Rubio.

A tart is on the line!
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Question: Who is Gulliver?

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Unregulated tart gambling

Post by Petri »

There appears to be widespread tart wagering going on in this thread that I was unaware of! This is highly unusual as all foodstuff gambles need to be held under official threads where they can be closely monitored to make sure Duddles can be involved.

It looks like Duddles should be owed 1 tart since neither Hillary or Marco won the election. I am not sure what flavor tart to get but it is likely to be quite bitter...
Duddles' deeds be done.

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