Schlop's new oven

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Schlop's new oven

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Big news here on the Left Coast... we finally got a new stove/oven!

The last oven was lost in the Great Mouse Wars and hadn't been usable in many years. The stove had also seen better days.

This new oven is fancy and shiny and black! It also features a middle burner situation with a griddle for making pancakes directly on the stove!!!

We got it for half-price because it has a dent in the oven-handle. Not a big deal, sometimes dented things are even better, hoo!

Anysneech, last night Sam made crust from scratch and baked mini apple tarts!! Whoa. And this morning we heated up an apple tart on the griddle and had it for breakfast! Here's a picture:


Who knows what magical delicacies will get created and eaten next on this new appliance!

Rumor has it that Lee might be making a stew for Stu this weekend!

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Post by Duddles »


I heard Schlop tried to make a loaf of Sourdough Bread but the puff went poof.

Hoo hoo.
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