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Post by Nibs »

Hey GUYS!!!

Well it's official. has been up and running for exactly one year to the day!!!

CONGRATULATIONS everybody on making the site and the forums a huge success!! I hope we can keep up this great success for year two!!

As some of you may know, I've been working day and night on the new look for the website. It isn't quite ready to launch yet, but hopefully soon. Thanks for your patience, support, and ideas everybody!!!

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Woo hoo!!!

Post by Pawn »


This site ROCKS and is my FAVORITE. Keep up the good work!!!

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Post by Gundy »

Oh boy oh boy oh boy

I can't wait to see what the new site looks like!

I hope it includes a more flattering picture of me...

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Well done

Post by Baby Schlop »

Way to GO NIBS!!!

I can't believe how fast a year went!!!

Looking forward to what comes NEXT!!!!

Love ya.

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Post by lee »

Hi Nibs!!!

Wow... we've come so far in a year!!! I know the new site will be awesome (especially the part I've helped out with).

I can't believe the quality and quantity of posts on these forums!! Who'd have thunk it.

I'm glad Schlop can bring so many wonderful bears together!!!

You guys are the best!

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Post by Schlop »


Meep Mop Moop

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ra ra ra

Post by PB »

Not bad for a little guy.

Keep up the good work, His Majesty's Nibs.

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Good form

Post by Rafiki »

I am forced to admit, my young ursine, that despite the usual scholarly journals I spend my time perusing... the noble pursuits on these simple forums have attracted my keen observation on more than one occasion.

I hope this rather quaint use of the information superhighway persists and continues expanding in the decades to come.

Well done, my boy.
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Post by Snowy »

Dude.....hope the new site ROCKS THE CASBAH!

Well done my tiny amigo.... well done.

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Post by Sneeches »


I cant believe you've found the time to make a NEW SITE what with all the traveling we've been doing. Way to go, NIBS

I'm really glad you didn't disable the FORUMS while you're upgrading to the new site. Cause see, the FORUMS are the only way I have to reach PEACHES and if I couldn't talk to PEACHES, gosh NIBS, I dont know what I'd do.

Anyway, I hope that on the 2 year anniversary of the SCHLOP site that PEACHES and I will be TOGETHER to celebrate the accomplishment.

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Snuper job Nibs!

Post by Snuffles »

Howdy Nibs,

Thanks for keeping Schlop's site up and running and making sure it stays ad free! Also thanks for moderating the forums and keeping out the riff raff. The forums really give me a place where I can speak my mind. It's great!

- the Thong Song

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