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A lot of exciting things happen each day and night on the telly. Finally, here's a place to discuss... without being censored.
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Schlop Lotus

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After patiently walking across all of Middle Earth to Mordor, and then back again to the Lonely Mountain, and then putting in some time in Richmond, UK we were finally able to take a flight to Hawaii and then a boat to the island resort of Schlop Lotus!

Bears enjoyed the music and the discovery of Aloha nachos. Duddles also likes the sleeping jaguar on a leaf in the opening credits.

The bears did a pool to see who was the murderer and it turns out that PEACHES won for predicting that Shane (the newlywed) would be the culprit. But it was sort of an accidental stabby stabby of Armand (the manager) with the knife from the pineapple room (which was only introduced in Act III, Chekov would be disappointed).

Bears were happy to finally watch this show and look forward to Season 2!
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Lotus Season 2 completed

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Hey you Schlop Lotus guys,

All bears have now officially completed Season 2 of Schlop Lotus which took place in Italy. The general bear consensus seems to be it wasn't quite as good as Season 1 but there was still lots to discuss. I also liked how mean the hotel manager Valentina was to the guests and when she said Tonya looked like Peppa Pig.

Lee had accidentally been spoiled that Tonya would die but showed remarkable discipline by never spilling the beans about it. She also predicted that in the final episode Albie and Portia would meet up at the airport - amazing!

Season 3 supposedly will be set in Thailand and maybe Connie Britton will be back... Cool!
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