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Post by Nibs »

A new animated show has the bears all abuzz called Arcane!

So far the Forest Bears dig it and we think Vi and Powder might be the new Poppet and Widget, hoo hoo!

I can't wait to theorize about what will come next with the St Louis bears!
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Everybody wants to be my enemy

Post by Shnoodles »

Hey you trenchers,

Us bears have finished season one of Arcane.

The show took a lot of unexpected twists and turns - like when it jumped forward in time and Powder grew up in to Jynx - that was quite shocking to Peaches and Sneeches.

There was also lots of unexpected character deaths - and the season ended with a missile flying into the Council room full of important characters like the lady with the clock around her neck! I was quite shocked - but Nibs pointed out there is a good chance not everyone will have died.

It sounds like most bears won't be eager to watch the next season, but Duddles did like Heimerdinger who was fuzzy.
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