Puzzle Games

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Games help distract from doing chores
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Puzzle Games

Post by DJ »

It appears that there haven't been any games posts in many years. I think we need to expand our definition of what a game is.

For example, Lee is very involved in games but they are not typical games that you and I might think of. For example, they might involve escaping from a room. Or solving a murder mystery dressed as a giraffe. Or wandering around the city and delivering secret messages to people.

These are all games. The game board is the Earth and the screen is your eyes. Think about it.

Maybe Lee can post here about these types of games she is involved in. I know we are all very interested in learning more.
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Can't believe it!

Post by mini-nibs »

Lately I've been on a kick of doing the mini crosswords at the New York Times website. They are quite fun and I am pretty darn good at them - after all they are named after me!

Well let the record show that yesterday Nibs completed the mini in an outrageous 28 seconds, besting me by 3 whole seconds!

I can't believe it! I am still investigating if Nibs was using performance enhancing substances - was he pepped up on caffeine? But nevertheless I bow down to Nibs and his crossword mastery!
Care for a little Nibs?
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