Schlop Pod

It's about time we have a music section on these forums. We can't hold out any longer. Even if certain people don't have certain hardware required to hear sound....
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Schlop Pod

Post by Nibs »

Hey guys!!

Here's a section where we can talk about what goes on in the Schlop Pod part of the new site!!

Snuffles- we're so curious to know what you think of the first song?

Also, what do you guys think of the Schlop Pod graphic? I was really pleased with how it turned out!
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Post by mini-nibs »

Hey Big N, that's cool you started a separate music section. Here is a video by this lady named Feist with lots of dancing.
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Vienna Peaches

Post by peaches »

Hey guys,

I'm having such a great time here with Peaches - this trip has been amazing. Sneeches made me all these signs. Sneeches is the best!

Anysneech, Lee brought back some Vienna Teng CDs and they are really good. Me and Sneeches were thinking of going down to City Hall in the rain and the fog... what?
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Dont ask

Post by PB »

peaches wrote:
I'm having such a great time here with Peaches - this trip has been amazing.
Having fun with yourself, eh?

No comment.
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Schlop pod?

Post by Gulliver »

Hi Nibs.

You haven't posted a Schlop Pod in awhile. I have a song that maybe you could post. It's about food. It's called 'Food.' Let me know and I can send it to you. It's about food and naps.
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