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Games help distract from doing chores
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Did you see I was a MAIN CHARACTER in the GAME???!!!?!?!

I was obsessed with this LAMP, kind of like JAFAR, but only my LAMP is about HUGS FROM PEACHES!!!

And I wouldn't go to LEE'S BIRTHDAY until the LAMP was there so I didn't miss any HUGS!!!

Do you think they captured my SHEEN from this ANGLE?


I can't wait to give you HUGS IRL, PEACHES!!

But for now I'll stay close to the LAMP!
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A couple of cool games I played

Post by mini-nibs »

The other day I came across this game where you are a snake and if you eat bananas you grow and if you eat a chili pepper you breathe fire and then go flying backward. Also you can eat a ghost and walk through walls which makes sense. Not to brag or anything - but I beat the whole game!

Then I played a game where you can switch between yourself and your upside-down mirror version - it was quite a mind-bender! And guess what - I beat it too!
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