Better Sleep Thread

Not all topics revolve around Schlop (but most do). Post your questions and comments that don't involve Schlop here.
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Better Sleep Thread

Post by Nibs »


Bears enjoy sleep and naps of all kinds in all kind of blankets and nap spots.

From time to time bears come across tips for better sleeps and we can share them here!

I get my best zzz's when I'm in Lee's backpack being carried along a trail somewhere. The bouncing really does the trick.
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Post by Snowy »

My dudes....

I just learned about this ear-phone soft band that lets you side-sleep and also listen to music....

Some people online say that since it covers your ears it can also stop your ears from picking up vibrations and such...

Personally I just like to pull my beanie down low over my ears and get the same effect...

It also makes me harder to ID in surveillance cameras...

But mostly I just imbibe and then mellow right out....
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Box breathing

Post by lee »

Last year I learned a trick that has really helped me with sleeping during my mahd wyry bouts.

It's called Box Breathing.

I'm not very into breathing stuff.. but this one is simple and if I do it 5-10 times I usually fall asleep.

The idea is that it sends a signal to your nervous system to exit fight/flight mode and helps your vagus nerve know to release.

Here's the short version:
* You breathe in slowly and count to 5
* You hold your breath while counting to 5
* You breathe out slowly and count to 5
* You wait to inhale while counting to 5

Usually in mahd wyry I can't get to 5 because I get so anxious... but if I just start at 2 or 3 and then try to lengthen it a little each time, I can get to 5 and then my vagus nerve releases.

One trick I learned on nibstagram... an alternate quick fix is to have your breathing out take longer than your breathing in. So when I'm too anxious to get to 5 seconds... I just try to really draw out my out-breath and that helps my system know things are ok.
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The Heron and the Otter are my friends

Post by Duddles »


I like to listen to Pocahontas and nap on Lee's head...

I think "steady as a beating drum" really helps her calm down....

Then we are fast asleep before River Bend ends... hoo hoo....

I'm not sure what happens in the rest of the movie.....
Where's Petri?
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The feed

Post by PB »

Have you considered getting a smart phone so you can watch Nibstagram reels for endless hours in bed?

I hear that's good for sleep.
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Blood sugar

Post by Nibs »

Oh yeah, here's another thing I see Lee do in her mahd wyry phases.

She likes to get little applesauce cups at the store and then if she can't sleep, she'll eat one in the middle of the night.

This spikes her blood sugar for 10 minutes or so and then she has a blood sugar crash and that pulls her into sleep.

Worth a try?
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