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Tastiest treat

Post by Nibs »

A McFlurry bet is on the line:

St Louis Bears and Kyle: 49ers
Forest Bears and TayTay: Chiefs

May the best bears win!

(I'll probably be happy either way!)
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Taypool 3

Post by Petri »

Nibs - you forgot to mention the side McFlurry prize - if Taylor appears in the Deadpool 3 trailer (as your theory predicts) then you win a McFlurry!
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Yay TayTay!

Post by Snuffles »

Wow what an exciting Snuper Bowl! The 49ers had a lead but then it went into overtime and Mahomes drove down for a touchdown to give KC their second straight Snuper Bowl win! TayTay was quite excited but then Travis gave an embarrassing performance of Viva Las Vegas so she might have to break up with him.

KC winning means the forest bears won a McFlurry - hopefully we have enough spoons for every bear. (Sadly TayTay did not appear in the Deadpool 3 trailer like Nibs had been predicting)

I'm so grateful Lee came back to the cabin so we could all watch together.

Here I am enjoying some pizza rolls and Dr. Pepper!

Schlop and friends were warm and cozy under their blanket:

I heard the St Louis bears took a nap during the third quarter but then they woke up when it got exciting at the end.

I can't wait for next year's Snuper Bowl!
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Golden Bear report

Post by Rafiki »

I say - I heard the news that the Golden Bears won a corker of a game today!

Word is that the game was tied but in the bottom of the ninth the Golden Bears batted their way to a magnificent victory.

Hear, hear for the Golden Bears!
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Mystik Dan

Post by Snowy »

Whoa - the other day was the 150th Kentucky Derby Horse Race and I wanted to make a bet on who would win. My method is to pick whichever horse sounds like they would be the most chill to hang out at Hallett with me and partake in some mind altering substances while listening to Dark Side of the Moon - and immediately the horse named Mystik Dan struck me as a kindred spirit. And then Dan eked out a shocking win by a nose! It was truly bodacious, bros!
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