Only Schlops in the Bed

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Only Schlops in the Bed

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Hey you tie-dye guys,

Well, after The Schlop Game hopes were high that the bear council could pick a better follow-up show for viewing - but unfortunately Only Schlops did not get a very positive response from the bear audience. Some bears found there to be just too many misdirections and confusing red herrings and overall just not good mystery writing. Some bears did like some of the artistic chances the show took like the episode from the perspective of a deaf character with mostly silence.

After the 8th episode all bears bet on who they thought the murderer was - and believe it or not Schlop ended up winning. Schlop thought the bassoon lady was suspect and lo and behold she turned out to be the killer. Good job Schlop - Petri says your McFlurry is in the mail.
In the SHNOOD!
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