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Wait for it

Post by lee »

Hullo Duddles!

Im so sorry that your surprise post letter hasn't yet arrived.

I wanted to let you know that
Nothing's really left or lost without a trace
Nothing's gone forever only out of place
So maybe now the dish and my best spoon
Are playing hide and seek just behind the moon
Waiting there until it's time to show
Spring is like that now far beneath the snow
Hiding in the place where the lost things go

Time to close your eyes so sleep can come around
For when you dream you find all that's lost is found
Maybe on the moon
Or maybe somewhere new
Maybe all you're missing lives inside of you
So when you need its touch and loving gaze
Gone but not forgotten is the perfect phrase
Smiling from a star that it makes flow
Trust it's always there watching as you grow
Find it in the place where the lost things go

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Post by Duddles »

I am going to go to sleep now to visit the place were lost things go - and find Petri and the letter and my nose!

Thanks Lee, hoo hoo
Where's Petri?

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The turkey is ... roasted!

Post by PB »

Didja hear why Duddles had to go back for seconds at Schlopsgiving?

It's because he lost his stuffing!


4real Duddles I'm thankful you're such a good sport about all the jokes - you're an alright little goober.

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