Shows Lee watches

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Shows Lee watches

Post by Shnoodles »

Hey you Teevee guys,

We all know Lee is up on all the latest and coolest TV shows. For instance she watched Stranger Schlops way before it became a global phenomenon.

Just recently Lee has gotten into a new show called Schlopworld. I'm not sure but I think it is about a futuristic amusement park where some people are really robots and some people aren't and it is in the Wild West and maybe there are schlops there too?

Hopefully Lee will fill us in on what she thinks!
In the SHNOOD!

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Chinstrap penguins!

Post by Snuffles »

It sounds like Lee, Dave, Mom, and SchlopSneechesPeachesNibsStuHugginsMuggins and possibly HEIDI have been watching

Planet Sneech II!!

It hasn't even aired yet in the US. It's thanks to a secret media server Lee got access to!

The only mishap was Star Wars A New Hope where it didn't turn out as planned...

Duddles heard the fuzzy field mouse avoided getting eaten by the barn owl. Sounds like there might be monkeys to come!

I also heard a sloth bear was in one episode! And another featured lots of bears doing tree-scratching dances! Just like me only I do it with pillows!

How cool!
- the Thong Song

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