Books of 2014

Post here on any books you've finished or heard about or want to read. This will hopefully enhance the educational value of our forum.
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Books of 2014

Post by Gulliver »


I saw DJ's post about the films he saw in 2014 and figured I should make one about the books I read. Luckily Goodreads shows a lot of statistics so I didn't need mini-nibs' help.

All told I read 58 books in 2014 for a total of 17,722 pages. Pretty impressive, good to know.

I gave 9 books a perfect 5 stars, 29 books 4 stars, 15 books 3 stars, and 5 books 2 stars. The longest book I read was The Innovators at 528 pages. I read 44 audiobooks, 14 books in the Mom Book Club, and 3 books in the Lee Book Club.

My 5 favorite books were:

5) The Rosie Project. Don is the coolest protagonist and now I am reading the sequel. Also I tweeted the author.

4) How We Got To Now. I was able to regale Lee with all sorts of interesting facts about whales and glass and stuff. It would have been higher but the narrator was bad.

3) The Art of Asking. 3 words - take the donut.

2) Yes Please. Amy Poehler rocks.

1) Black Swan Green. Amazing.
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Question: Who is Gulliver?
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Post by DJ »

That's pretty interesting Gulliver, I guess.

Although you don't have a graph I notice. I made a nice graph of my movies. Too bad.

Also I don't think audiobooks really count as reading, do they? If I close my eyes during a movie does that mean I 'read' the movie? Therefore you really only read 14 books last year.
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Donut shop

Post by Duddles »


Two donuts for me please.

And a cruller for Petri.

Hoo hoo!
Where's Petri?
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Oh dear!

Post by Petri »

Uh oh - Duddles is under a strict no donut diet. We are very worried about his cotton sugar levels. He has less cotton now so any time he eats a little sugar he gets way way way too active.

Maybe we can change the 'take the donut' message to something more appropriate like 'take the arugula'?
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2014 Book Report

Post by Nibs »

While researching what books we read in 2015, we came across this report about 2014 that was in email. Even though it's a year late, seems like I should put this in the forums for posterity:

The Broken Spears (Aztec)
The Stars My Destination
The Last Stand
The Art of Asking

Gone Girl (50%)
Oil (40%)
Ender's Game (15%)
The Power of Myth (25%)
Lost in Shangri-La (60%)
Mr Penumbra's 24 hr Bookstore (50%)
The Girl in the Road (5%)
Black Swan Green (60%)
In Search of the Old Ones (Anasazi) (35%)
Self Compassion (50%)
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Let the record show!

Post by Nibs »

Actually I'm pretty sure that during this year Lee also read:

The Wild Truth- Carinne McCandless

So let's up the total to 5!
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