Book of Mormon

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Book of Mormon

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Lee got me a ticket to see the Book of Mormon and it was the best show ever since Wicked!

I saw it at the Peabody Opera House and there were two bear statues at the entrance, and there was even a bear on the top of the dome ceiling on the inside. I knew it was a good sign to see so many bears at the show!

Lee was smart and got me a limited-view seat right near the front knowing that I could switch over to a better seat once the show started - and I ended up right at the very front! I almost got spit on by the performers!

It's hard to pick a favorite part since it was all so funny. Probably good that Peaches didn't go with me since the Spooky Mormon Hell Dream would have been 2spooky4 him. DJ would have liked the maple-glazed donuts though.

Whew what a night! Thanks to Lee for the ticket - she is the best!

You remember Lucifer He is even spookier
Answer: This character studied medicine, "knowing it would be useful in long voyages"

Question: Who is Gulliver?
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