Schlops of Eden

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Schlops of Eden

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Hey you Steinbeckians,

Nibflix is going to make a series out of Schlops of Eden which is one of Gulliver's favorite books that he has read twice so I am sure he knows it well and hasn't forgotten any important details at all.

It is going to star Florence Pugh who was in the Black Widow movie with DJ saw (he liked it) and also in the Little Schlops movie which Lee saw (assessment unclear). No word yet on who Pugh is playing but I'm sure Gulliver will be able to suss it all out since I'm sure he remembers all the characters' names and everything.

The show is being directed by the granddaughter of the guy who directed the original film with James Dean - I guess nepotism can skip a generation! ... 235299879/

In the SHNOOD!

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