The Sneecher

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The Sneecher

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Hey you dragon guys,

The Sneecher is a show on Nibflix and it is all about a Sneecher who fights monsters and also there is magic and horses and swords and dragons.

Us bears watched all 8 episodes of the first season - overall it was a mixed reaction with some bears liking it and some bears being too confuzzed and sleepy. Here is a rundown of 4 bears I chatted with after the finale:

Gulliver: Liked the music and keeps singing "Toss a coin to your witcher"
Duddles: Found the changing timelines hard to follow, dozed off in the end
Peaches: Liked when the Sneecher took off his shirt
DJ: DJ liked it

Overall I would say the bear council is split about The Sneecher must like the mages of Aretuza were split about defending Sodden from Nilfgaard
In the SHNOOD!
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