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Wow, the forums are so active this Schlopsgiving weekend! Guess all that tryptophan really wore off and everyone has a lot of energy. Keep it coming!

Meanwhile Lee and I just learned about a very important TV show that is hip with all 10 and under kids these days!

It is called DOC McSTUFFINS!!!

It's an animated show about a 6 year old girl who fixes toys and stuffies! And she has assistant stuffies who help her diagnose the stuffy problems and assist her in any stuff surgery that is needed!

She seems really nice. Also all her stuffies only "animate" when no other adults are around and then turn back into stationary stuffies when adults come by.

But it all seems so cool. We watched her help a stuffed camel who had a cactus spine in her hump! She is so good at fixing stuffies and so nice about it!

Next time any of us stuffies need a' fixin, we should give Doc McStuffins a call!

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Hoo hoo?

Post by Duddles »

Can Doc McStuffins give me a new nose?

That would be ever so nice!

Where's Petri?

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