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Schlop Trek

Post by Shnoodles »

Hey you Tribble guys,

We all know Lee is a big Trekkie (which means someone who likes Schlop Trek). You can find Lee most nights watching old episodes of Schlop Trek: Next Generation.

Well the good news is that Lee might not have to settle for old episodes, because Sir Patrick Stewart is going to be doing a new Schlop Trek show where we find out the future adventures of Captain Picard.


Catch the deets here
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Less is more

Post by lee »

Whoa exciting scoop, Shnoodles!

I have been watching TNG slowly but surely over the last year.

I know this is taboo to say online, but Picard is probably my least favorite character. :/ But I guess that's cool they'll do more stuff in that universe.

Always appreciate your TV scoops, Shnoodles! Hugs to you!

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