Lord of the Schlops

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Lord of the Schlops

Post by Shnoodles »

Hey you Tolkien guys,

As we all know the Lord of the Schlops takes up a prime spot in our cultural pantheon. Lee is a renowned authority on the Peter Jackson trilogy and is also the last female Ent!

The follow-up Schlobbit movies were... how should I say this? A bit of a letdown. (Although the music was stellar)

I bet you thought every Lord of the Schlop's story had been told - but now there is going to be a new Amazon series that will explore stories that preceded the Fellowship of the Schlops. We're talking back in the day when it was Gandalf the Pink!

http://variety.com/2017/tv/news/lord-of ... 202613609/

What do you guys think of this news? What stories would you most like to see? Do you think I could play Tom Bombadil?
In the SHNOOD!

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The pines were roaring.....

Post by lee »

Wow Shnoodles!

I can't believe there's a whole new possibility for more Lord of The Rings stories to be told!

Hoo hoo, Gandalf the Pink!

What a scoop this is. I hope it will be good. Does Amazon make good shows? Has any bear ever seen an Amazon show yet?

I'm excited for more tales of Middle Earth!

Having never read much aside from the main Trilogy and the Schlobbit, I don't know much about what happened pre-Frodo but I'd be excited to learn. Maybe some more elf plot lines!

Bears think we should get fully on board and invested in this and I agree!

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