NCAA Trivia

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NCAA Trivia

Post by Nibs »

Hey guys,

Just trying a new idea to spark the forums back to life. Here's some NCAA trivia. Please don't cheat and look up the answers!! Just guess. Any bear can answer and I'll let you know who wins.

First Question:

Which team has scored the most points in the tournament so far?

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if you only had a tv

Post by lee »



My brackets are SAVED!! And Duke lost too!!

Hip hip HOORAY

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Uh oh!

Post by Shnoodles »

Good job Lee - you did a good job picking the basketball teams! Does this mean you win a foodstuff? What did you win? Maybe we can both get root bear mcfurries. I hope so, they are darn good!
In the SHNOOD!

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What gives Nibs?

Post by Muffins »

Hey what is the deal? I started a NCAA thread but nobody replied to me? And then Nibs starts a trivia thread and people start discussing college basketball (non trivia-related) in his thread instead of my thread... What the hey? Just because Nibs runs the site doesn't mean his threads should be more popular.

Please be more considerate in the future with where you post!
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