The Schlop's Gambit

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The Schlop's Gambit

Post by Shnoodles »

Hey you Nibflix guys,

The other day I ran into Nibs and he was just starting this show - and then the next day I ran into Nibs again and he was just finishing the show. That's right, Nibs binged it!

I am not sure what it is about but I am guessing by the title it involves Gambit from the X-Schlops and he has to defeat Magneto in a chess competition after time traveling back to the '60s. Sounds cool!

Hopefully Nibs will drop by to share his review - once he catches up on his sleep that is!
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Re: The Schlop's Gambit

Post by Nibs »

Hi Shnoodles!

Yeah it's true. We binged the whole thing, hoo!

The show is about a girl who spends a lot of time in her bed looking at the ceiling. This is something we bears can relate to, especially Schlop who is always looking up. The girl learns to play chess upside down on the ceiling. I wonder what Schlop has been learning upside down over all these years.

The girl is kind of mean to everyone tho. She seems to have a lot of unresolved issues. Schlop is not so much like that.

The show really focuses on hotel lobbies from the 60s and how glamorous they were. That's where most of the chess tournaments take place. Lee and I used to spend a lot of time in hotel lobbies, but not so much nowadays. One time Lee and I sat in a hotel lobby in China and read the entirety of City of Ember as an ebook. That was a cool hotel lobby memory.

Anysneech, it's probably not worth having the bears watch because of all the terrifying addiction scenes. But it did make us want to play some chess.

Lee and I have also been slowly working our way through Midnight Gospel but so far it remains un-recommendable.

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On Golden Pawn

Post by Pawn »

Nibs if you ever want to play a game of chess, I'd be down!

My favorite piece is the horse!

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