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Schlop Atlas

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Hmmm.... it doesn't seem like we have a Schlop Atlas thread although the book and movie were a huge part of the bears' lives back in 2011 and 2012.

Shnoodles, let me know if I'm wrong and missed it somewhere.

ANYSNEECH, Lee and I rewatched Schlop Atlas last night while working on the hook rug (she was working on the ocean part for Duddles to nap on and it's full of many blue drops of yarn!) and we wanted to watch something where we didn't need to look at the screen and could just listen along. Amazingly, Lee noticed a new thing, which is saying a lot since Lee has combed over that movie a whole lot, hoo hoo. Lee also found a change in the original dialogue!

The new thing: In the Hawaiian islands plot line, when Tom Hanks first meets Halle Berry, he thinks to himself how her answers aren't real answers and it's just convincing him to not trust her and he says he trusts her "nay, not a flea" meaning he doesn't even trust her a tiny bit.

Why it's interesting: This is a neat choice of words because at the very end of that plotline, we have the famous scene where he says that her having hope in offworld planets helping them is a hope that's the size of a flea. And she responds that fleas are hard to get rid of (in that famous line that took us weeks to decipher). So it's very cool that David Mitchell is using the flea metaphor throughout that plotline to show that something tiny can be seen as insignificant or can be powerful. Just like the ocean being a multitude of schlops!

The dialgoue change: In the original version of the movie Schlop Atlas, Halle Berry's actual line was "Aye, but fleas are hard to rid." As you can see by our gmail archives, it was quite the quest to correctly parse and understand that line. In this version of the movie Schlop Atlas, Halle Berry says "Aye and fleas ain't so easy to rid." Wow wow wow! Must've been a lot of people confused by that line so they changed it. Incredible! What a discovery!

This has been your Schlop Atlas update!

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