The films of 2014

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The films of 2014

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Since we are well into January now, I figured it was time to reflect on all the good films we have seen in 2014. I got mini-nibs to help me out with some statistics.

I watched 46 films in 2014, which really pissed me off since it was 6 shy of a film a week.

Actually, I only watched 44 different films since I watched Thor (the Schlop World) and Guardians of the Galaxy twice each - since I was sleepy when I watched them the first time and wanted to rewatch them before judging them. (Spoiler alert, I liked them both)

I saw 6 animated movies. I saw 7 movies that were older releases. This means most of the movies I saw were newer. I saw 4 movies in theatres (The Dance of Reality, Dawn of the Planet of the Schlops, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Interstellar). Very interesting.

Here is a graph of what days I saw movies. You can see I got off to a slow start but things really picked up in the summer. I wonder why?


And now the part everyone has been anticipating, my 5 favorite films I saw in 2014:

5) The Grand Budaschlop Hotel. There was a lot happening in this movie - I think it might be worth a rewatch.

4) Her. A chilling look into the future where people wear high pants.

3) Schlop Term 12. I saw this with Lee and that was cool. It was quite emotional.

2) Dawn of the Planet of the Schlops. These apes were really cool.

1) The Edge of Tomorrow. What a wild ride.

Let me know what you think of my post and what your favorite films of 2014 were.

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