Snuffles Literature

Post here on any books you've finished or heard about or want to read. This will hopefully enhance the educational value of our forum.
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Snuffles Literature

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It looks like they finally wrote a book about Snuffles. It is called Snuff and it is by Terry Pratchett. ... stice.html

I guess they are going to probably start writing books about all of us bears now. I think Neil would be the best to write my book (Gully) and maybe Stephen King should write Schlop's book (The Scary Red Eyes).
Answer: This character studied medicine, "knowing it would be useful in long voyages"

Question: Who is Gulliver?

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Nice one

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Turns out Alfred Bester wrote the Gully book, actually.

But yeah, finding ourselves in literature is a great game! Good idea!

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Snuffles lag

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Boy there is quite the delay in info.

On Nov 14 2007 Snuffles posted about the book called Snuff in the 'Books Lee should read' thread

Then 4 years later Gulliver 'broke' the news about the very same book in this thread

Word must travel very slowly across the bed

Either that or some bears have the memories of goldfish!
Care for a little Nibs?

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My book

Post by Muffins »

Here is the book they wrote about me!

I think I'm the cat!

"You have no life... Writing about Smurfs... GO EAT A MUFFIN OR SOMETHING!"

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