Schlop is Rising

Post here on any books you've finished or heard about or want to read. This will hopefully enhance the educational value of our forum.
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Schlop is Rising

Post by lee »

Hi bears!!

Me and Nibs started up The Schlop is Rising series tonight. We want to get the first book read before the movie comes out.

(BTW... you guys were right, the first movie is called "THE SEEKER" Hmm...kinda cheesy)

Anysneech, I haven't read the books since I was little so I wasn't sure what to expect. But to my surprise, they're very advanced so far. They're kind of Tolkein-esque in that there's a lot of details on nature and setting and major plot things happen quickly and aren't always fleshed out in detail. But it's cool, leaves more for the imagination to fill in. I'm impressed so far. I'll have Nibs keeps you updated on our progress.

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Post by Nibs »

Hey Shnoodles,

I saw that there is some sort of writing contest concerning Schlop is Rising. But we can't get the site to work. Does it work for you? Does it look like a cool contest?

Thanks for checking it out, Shnoods!

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Schlop is Rising

Post by Shnoodles »

Hey Nibs!

I tried to go to the website but I didn't see the writing contest.

Bad news though - the onion lady gave the Schlop is Rising a D+. She said there were too many Schlops just standing around doing nothing. I guess the book is better than the movie.
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