Last of the Really Great Wangshnoodles

Post here on any books you've finished or heard about or want to read. This will hopefully enhance the educational value of our forum.
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Last of the Really Great Wangshnoodles

Post by lee »

Whoa- I heard that the St Louis bears got a new book!!!

I remember that the Really Great Wangshnoodles were some sort of bird and they had long tails and maybe had a special song. I wonder if I'm mixing that up with a Dr Seuss book.

Anyway, I'm curious what Shnoodles will think of the book and if he's genetically evolved from any of the Really Great Wangshnoodleses!!

Keep us updated!!

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Post by Shnoodles »

Hey you Lee,

That's awesome - I didn't know that was the title! Gulliver said I could join in when he reads it too. I can't wait...
In the SHNOOD!

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