Build a fjord for Lee!

Not all topics revolve around Schlop (but most do). Post your questions and comments that don't involve Schlop here.
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Car Talk

Post by Nibs »

Yeah wow, it is now Day 4 since Lee's car went away.

The good news is that we were able to walk to the store to get foodstuffs for stew (with Stu) and watch Schlop Atlas without needing a car.

The police seemed optimistic that they might find it...

We have a lot of memories with that car! We've had it for 18 years, which is longer than we've had Sneeches and Peaches! Or me!

I hope it's doing ok and isn't too cold or lonely.

I hope they enjoy listening to the Tangled CD that was playing...

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Fuzzy hugs

Post by Snuffles »

All us bears are sending warm fuzzy hugs to Lee to help her get through a temporary malaise and restore her to a state of fuzziness!

Feel better Lee!
- the Thong Song

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Birthday hoo

Post by Duddles »

Hoo Lee is my best friend and she is always sending me pats and she got me a pikachu friend and she introduced me to Mr. Patapouf and gives me good foodstuffs to nibble on and I like Lee hoo hoo!
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Lee rocks

Post by DJ »

Lee is the coolest and I am glad she lets me tag along to her classes with her where I get to learn a lot and I definitely don't take naps in her backpack. Also Lee and I are the best board game team ever pretty much. Fuzzah for Lee!

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Way down in Sneechestown

Post by Gulliver »

Hi. I appreciate that Lee sees all the best musicals and shows and then tells me about them, like Sneechestown and Moulin Schlop. I hope she gets to see some great shows this year.
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Lee knows Sneeches

Post by peaches »

I am thankful for Lee since she brings Sneeches to come visit me! Yay Sneeches!
Hurty flurty schnipp schnipp!

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May the fuzz be with you

Post by Shnoodles »

Lee is great to chat to about movies and she and I got to see Schlop Wars together and I didn't fall asleep once during the whole movie! I couldn't possibly find anything to complain about with Lee... except maybe how she keeps thinking I like that big slug from Schlop Wars when really it is Muffins who for some reason is obsessed with him...
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Sluggo is lit!

Post by Muffins »

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Lee is the best!

Post by Snuffles »

Lee is the best - she carried a whole jar of quarters halfway across the country just so that I could play the arcade games at the Air BnSneech. And Lee didn't even get mad when I accidentally watched all the Mandos without waiting for her. Lee is so nice!
- the Thong Song

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Hugs 4 Lee!

Post by mini-nibs »

Lee rules!

Even though I am usually too little to give hugs, Lee helped me be a part of a big group hug over Sneechmas and it was the best moment of my life!


Hugs to Lee!
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Lee got a new car!

Post by Snuffles »

Hip Hip Fuzzah - Lee got a new cassette player - and it also works as a car!

It is a Toyota Rav4 - or as us St Louis bears like to call it a Toasted Rav!

Just think of all the exciting adventures Lee and Nibs will have in it!
- the Thong Song

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