The Amazing Adventures of Lee

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Bear migration

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Wow thanks for the epic sendoff, Gulliver!

Yeah, we have formed a bear caravan to travel West after 7 months of pandemic life in the mountains. The sky is being covered in darkness today and Lee thinks it's The Nothing, so time to jet!

Lee has filled her RAV4 with foodstuffs and kitchen supplies. She also has a stack of 18 blankets which Duddles will nap on top of during the drive!

I'm hoping for some twizzlers and some good Young Guns II music!

We will camp for 2 nights and if all goes according to plan, we will reach the new place before sundown on the 3rd night! Look for our coming by twilight of the third eve!

I hope the new place has good nap spots, as Lee has promised!

We'll keep you posted!

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