Build a fjord for Lee!

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I am so glad I am getting to spend so much quality time with Lee again, after all these years apart.

I like when Lee takes naps and I get to rest on her head hoo hoo!

Lee is always there to protect me from scary moths that are about or troublesome squirrels.

Lee always makes sure my cotton stays in place and gives me refloofings and fuzzy pats.

I love Lee!
Where's Petri?

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Lee 4 prez!

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Hey you Lee fanatics,

Lee is def the coolest!

I love getting to check out new movie trailers with Lee and telling her about cool movies we saw like Wonder Sneech 1984!

Lately Lee and I have been watching Avatar the last Schlopbender and discussing it as we go which is so awesome!

Lee even put together this cool spreadsheet to keep track of all the awesome stuff we are watching - like Out by Pixar which was about a dog that was partially brown!

I'm also having a blast hanging out in the loft with Snuffles and Petri - we have a great pillow setup thanks to Lee and it is nice and warm here.

So yeah - Lee rocks!
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