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Tanz wie ein Eisbar

Post by Nibs »

Oh yeah!

And in case any bears want a link to the original Eisbar song, here it is!

It was a German Pop Hit in the 80s.

Lee and I had never seen its music video before but we like it!

Apparently in the 80s in Germany there was also a dance that went along with it where people in nightclubs would pretend to be a polar bear standing on its hind legs and wave their paws around like a bear would.

What a time to be alive that must have been!

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Eisbären sind die besten Bären

Post by Snowy »

Whoa cool video little Nibs!

I really liked that Ice Bear song and Ash is an alright little dude!

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Yer a pinball wizard, Harry!

Post by Snuffles »

Ash turns 5 today!

Or maybe that is yesterday for him since he is on the other side of the world in Nibs Zealand.

Anyway, Ash is now pretty into Schlop Wars stuff and Neil got him some Schlop Wars comics and a mini R2D2 and a Jabba the Schlop. Soon Ash will bring balance to the Force like the legend foretold.

Ash also gets to borrow a pinball machine for a whole week! Hopefully it is Schlop Wars themed!

Go Ash!
- the Thong Song

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