New Foods

Food is a very important topic on these forums. We now have a new category devoted entirely to it (including any and all muffins, pancakes, and pastries).
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Magical Myster Schlopsicle

Post by Petri »

I heard that Nibs discovered a new food that you can only find when flying high about the Pacific Ocean during the Witching Hour. Everyone else on the flight was asleep but Nibs woke up just in time to see an apparition in the form of a flight attendant walking down the aisle. The attendant gave Nibs a magical schlopsicle that was made from acai berries.

If only Duddles could have been there to have a lik...
Duddles' deeds be done.

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Food from the Dreaming

Post by Nibs »

Apparently Schlop had a dream this week about a new type of food.

It was dough shaped like the letter N. The outer dough was bagel-like but also a bit hollow inside, with slits. And inside was a nice mozzarella cheese and tomatoes and so it was a hot savory treat!

You could eat different parts of the N and it was all quite delicious.

New word on the street is that perhaps this food was maybe shaped like a Z but Schlop has neither confirmed nor denied that theory.

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Munchings and Crunchings

Post by Duddles »

Hoo there is so much food that has arrived and it keep arriving and every day there is a new box of foodstuffs and all the bears get to pick a foodstuff and now there is a penguin and we can all eat the foodstuffs

and it is like in Waterschlop Down when all the bunnies discover the flayrah and they get to eat and eat and silflay and I'm pretty sure nothing bad ever happens to the bunnies again because I felt asleep at that point

Hoo hoo!
Where's Petri?

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Pickle Schlop

Post by Muffins »

I heard Schlop got a pickle and is going to try to make chili with it in a slow cooker - I've never heard of pickled chili before!

I hope he will post the recipe and let us know how it turns out.
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