Schlop's Big Dilemma

Nibs answers any questions you have about that infamous bear named Schlop.
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Schlop's Big Dilemma

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Well we finally have arrived at a very difficult choice that Schlop must make!

Before him lie two paths... each one will change our fate as we know it and neither one leads to the same place.

On one path we have THE BLANKET.

On the other we have THE HAMMOCK.

The decision seems almost impossible and Schlop is not sure what to do.

On the one hand, blankets are never the wrong choice. But this blanket is only fuzzy on one side and slick on the other side and Schlop has never had a one-sided fuzzy blanket situation before.

On the other hand, the hammock looks quite soft and is essentially a blanket that floats off the ground. And we certainly have an abundance of trees to hang it from! But will it get used a lot? And will it be breathable? Hmmmm.

What do other bears think Schlop should do here?

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Bear Butt in the house!

Post by Snuffles »

For all of you bears on the edge of your pillows waiting to hear what Schlop decided - he got the hammock!


Schlop graciously let a whole sloth of us bears test it out and I was impressed at how many of us could fit in it!
- the Thong Song

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