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double dose donut

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Yesterday Nibs performed the remarkable feat of helping Lee get through two shots in one day - the flu vaccine and a Covid booster shot. Kudos to Nibs for taking on such a daunting task! I heard he was rewarded with a well-deserved Krispy Kreme donut!

All of us bears having been sending along lots of healing hugs in support to Lee and Nibs. Hopefully fuzziness will soon be restored to normal levels!
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Mystery Pox

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Hullo fuzzy friends.

All of January for us forest bears has been dominated by a strange mystery pox that Lee acquired from a highly contagious baby.

Similar to the war in Ukraine, this pox has lasted for so long that we bears have sort of stopped following the plot and aren't sure who is winning.

But the St Louis bears did a ton of healing-from-afar and we did some healing here too! Here are some of our bear accomplishments:

* It started with the classic fever/chills/aches which Duddles handled well with some Pocahontas
* A big storm took power away for 5 days but thanks to all the Marlboro lanterns, Lee was able to hurl into bowls in the dark without hitting any bears
* We got past the total laryngitis stage with lots of soups
* Lee went to Urgent Care and a bad doctor almost misdiagnosed her with strep-she-didnt-have so we bears gave lots of hugs after that
* We had a week of coughing-all-night-long until we learned about NyQuil and Lee was able to sleep again
* We got through a scary phase of mucus-drain that was choking Lee sometimes, but now that's all better
* Lee saw another Doctor who assured her it was just a long cold, so we bears have been patient
* We learned to make a healing tincture that seems to be helping Lee's throat
* This virus seems to have weekly flare-ups that are scary, but we helped Lee through the first one when swallowing was painful
* We helped Lee through the second one when her ear got inflamed and had tons of pain
* We gave Lee lots of hugs when she had to cancel her birthday and when she had to cancel going to visit Mom for her 70th birthday
* Lee has spent the last 4 weekends in silence trying to heal, and we bears have kept her company, watched movies with her, and given lots of hugs
* Lots of real-piles and bear hugs have been key because we've never had a pox last this long before!

Currently Lee is awaiting a doctor's appointment on Monday. Things aren't terrible, but they aren't ideal, and if Lee talks too much at work or school, everything reinflames.

Bears are taking bets on what might happen next:
* I think Lee needs to get a tonsil removed
* Schlop thinks Lee needs to take antibiotics to kill this bacteria
* Duddles thinks Lee just needs to keep napping and it will leave of its own accord
* Sneeches thinks Lee should go see an ENT and get more info

I guess we will find out on Monday. Lee has to teach an all-day class on Saturday, so that will probably re-inflame her throat but maybe that's good cause then the doctor will take it seriously?

Anysneech, we really appreciate the incredible month of bear support during this unprecedented long-lasting pox situation.

Bear hugs!
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