If you could go anywhere...

Nibs answers any questions you have about that infamous bear named Schlop.
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If you could go anywhere...

Post by Shnoodles »

where would you go?

Me, of course, I've always wanted to go to Bear Street in Canada. I just have to figure out where exactly it is...
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Post by Duddles »

I want to go to Zermatt!

Hoo hoo hoo
Where's Petri?
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To the future

Post by Gulliver »

I want to go to the Future Library forest in Norway

And Snuffles said he would help me dig up David Mitchell's buried book so Lee can read it to me.

I would dig it up myself but don't want to get my paws dirty
Answer: This character studied medicine, "knowing it would be useful in long voyages"

Question: Who is Gulliver?
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Post by Muffins »

I want to go to bear henge!

Bears from all over the world go there as part of a spiritual journey!

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