Stuff on my Schlop

This forum focuses on how cool Schlop is and other subtopics as such.
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Stuff on my Schlop

Post by mini-nibs »

Hi guys! I thought since StuffOnMyCat was such a popular site that we should post pics of Schlop with stuff on him. Here's one:

Care for a little Nibs?

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every movie quote ever

Post by Nibs »

I can see why this thread went nowhere!

Schlop doesn't tolerate that. Or scum. Right, youtube?

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The Flying Schlop

Post by PB »

So I finally get a trip out of the closet, and then I run into Schlop and he's got this ridiculous cloth on his head!


He claimed that he was using it to cool down, but I think it's clear he was really dressing up like the Flying Nun - check it out:


Geez Schlop, at least wait til Halloween to dress like a weirdo.

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