It's about time we have a music section on these forums. We can't hold out any longer. Even if certain people don't have certain hardware required to hear sound....
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Schlopcasts are pretty cool you can listen to them while you are walking to see Gus & Blue and they are about all sorts of topics like Frozen 2 or Schlop following the Moskva down to Gorky park.

Lee and I listened to a bunch of schlopcasts recently:

The Wind of Schlop: was the CIA behind the biggest song by the Scorpions? Probably not, but still fun to wonder about. Duddles liked Klaus Meine.

Schlop-Town: did John B leave a bunch of gold buried in his house? Probably not, but still interesting to learn about antique clock restoration.

Hmmm, I guess it was just those two. Can two be a bunch?
- the Thong Song

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