Theater of 2014

It's about time we have a music section on these forums. We can't hold out any longer. Even if certain people don't have certain hardware required to hear sound....
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Theater of 2014

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I also like to see plays and musicals so here is a post about the plays I saw of 2014.

Overall I saw 7 musicals and one play.

The play was called The Village Bike and it starred Greta Gerwig and I was a little sleepy and might have dozed off during part of it. I saw it in New York City with Lee.

The 7 musicals were Billy Elliot, Tarzan, Porgy and Bess, Addams Family, Seussical, Grease and Hello Dolly.

Here are my favorite songs from each musical.

Billy Elliot - Solidarity: Solidarity Forever! Only Elton John could make a song about labor strikes this exciting.

Tarzan - Trashin' the Camp: Doo Wop she doo.

Porgy and Bess - It Ain't Necessarily So. Oh Jonah he lived in da whale.

Addams Family - Full Disclosure. It's a hell of a thing.

Seussical - Horton Hears a Who. Hoo.

Grease - Beauty School Dropout. Go back to high school.

Hello Dolly - Put on your Sunday Clothes. Okay maybe just because it was featured in Wall-E...

My favorite musical was Billy Elliot with Addams Family a close second.
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